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Pooya etehad Shargh Company

Pooya Etehad Shargh Company was established on 09/29/2006 and started its activities in Holy Mashhad with the focus on business affairs and as a specialized arm of the East Investment Housing and Housing Manufacturing Holding of the Eastern Region.
After that, in the course of a balanced and sustainable development, in response to one of the biggest concerns of the officials and those working in the field of renovation and reconstruction of worn-out urban tissues, the company’s activities range from all executive processes of project management from study and planning to implementation. The transfer of metropolitan projects expanded with various uses: commercial, administrative, residential and residential.
Taking into account the limited investment of the government and the need to use new methods of supplying and equipping resources, the company put the model at the forefront of its work, which is firstly based on the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and secondly based on public micro-capital. It should be done with the maximum participation of the people and the owners.
In this regard, using the innovative method of project stocks as a project-based and legally valid financing method, as well as developing a fully efficient Tahrir network, led to the successful implementation of pilot projects and their transformation into successful projects and urban sustainability. Taking advantage of the capabilities of its honest managers, experts and employees, and relying on the extensive experience gained over the years, it has gained a high position in the national arena and now has a certificate. The executive authority of the projects to rehabilitate and modernize worn-out and dysfunctional urban tissues in continuing to achieve its goals, has entered the field of investment and financial and technical partnerships and the transfer of valuable experience in other parts of Khorasan Razavi province and even the country.
تمامیت 86%
برتری عملیاتی
تمامیت 67%
نوآوری 81%
پیشرفت مداوم
پیشرفت مداوم 89%

More than 25 years of experience

Comprehensive adherence to considerations, research and development and commitment to quality management and technical and engineering criteria in order to protect national and individual capital
Obligation to comply with all laws and regulations in the field of the company’s activities and relying on and adherence to the values of ethics and relevant rules.

Specialized and knowledge-based activity in the construction industry

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سید حسن رهنمایی

CEO’s speech

Reforming and renovating the dilapidated urban fabric, which is about 65,000 hectares in the whole country, is not in the power of the government, nor the investment of the existing private sector, nor in the size of the bank capital. Therefore, there is no choice but to use the huge public capital in the form of public participation or through new methods of financing. This was one of the goals of Pouya Ittihad Shargh Company to bring creativity and innovation and to adopt organizational strategies and policies with a comprehensive approach and by considering quality standards and observing the necessary standards, ultimately bringing sustainable development and prosperity, which will help. With the implementation of large-scale successful projects, Haghtali has been able to have a bright start in achieving the goals of sustainable urban development.

Seyed Hassan Rahnamaei

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